Just as expected, Ozee and Nas T Breed dropped the long anticipated joint Ep Titled “THE COVER TAPE” the synergy is just amazing,

The Cover Tape is a compilation of 5 tracks consisting of Trap Songs, A laced with Masterly  lyrical content an remixed version of Top charting Hip hop sounds of recent times d apt delivery.

Something interesting and funny I notice here,the fives are titled after letter “B” which could mean “BELIEVE,BLESSED” e.t.c. you can relate it anyway that best suit “B”
The songs was produced by different musical producers but mixed and mastered by Ozee himself which is rear to have in today’s music industry.
Checkout the tracklist:

BRAND NEW: the title first got me confused, taking a deep listening it speaks reality. Even all the songs seem sending a single message except “BABY” this particular one focused on the result of all hard work like the saying ‘all hustler has a pay day’ I believe they were not trying to tell everyone what they have acquired doing music,I assume they are using themselves as example. Ozee we are all expecting to see all the exotic cars,house etc. you’ve got on the visual,we are not expecting to see HONDA ACCORD but cars like FERRARI ??
Please tell us your fiance *wink*

BALLING: Nas T Breed took it lit with the back up “Thant’s the fact,we’re balling” while Ozee hold the Mic, also a reflection of the first buy accutane 20mg track “BRAND NEW” and the perfect trap snare cymbals from TM88,CUTBEATZ & CRAZY MIKE typically made it one of the best song amongst others.

BAWASA (no play): yes,no play,Arewa is taking over and of course this Extended Play shows that the two guys have been working and not playing,the truth is; those guys are has put Nasarawa state on the map.

BAD & BOUJEE: this is song we all agreed MIGOS killed and it amazes me that Ozee pulled it,Come on Ozee Rap and I’m sure Migos will come for those guys if he hears the song,Nas T Breed as usual fuse in but decided not to use Hausa completely, this is definitely going to be on replay on many playlists.

BABY: this is a love song,yeah for the ladies,not only,guys too. The both came natural with their well known style if you will remember Ozee’s Designer Girl.Nas T Breed with the Hausa language makes it comic, “if you be my girlfriend before before,leave the matter on top before before” Club houses, Radio,DJs got this,oh My God,the chorus rock. The melody is what you will love most if you are an RnB lover.

This Ep is good, and we are convinced that they will do even better when they will release original songs not covering someone else creating despite changing the lyrics.
For this “THE COVER TAPE EP” is rated. 3/5

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